Hieros Hookah

Hieros Hookah
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Hieros Hookah

Hieros means "sacred" in Greek and this 19.5" hookah lives up to the name. The Hieros comes in both a 1-hose and 2-hose variety and we're hoping to have more color options in the 1-hose variety soon. Another fantastic entry into the under $20 hookah category and that means big, easy profits for your smoke shop. These are going to be more aimed at your customers that are just wanted a cheap but nice looking hookah to start out on.

Hieros Features:

The shaft of the Hieros is made of aluminum and features a nice modern design and matching coal tray up top. The base of these hookahs features very detailed painted on designs that are not typical of most hookahs in this price range and it comes with a matching bowl and hose as well. The included hose is washable which is an added selling point for your customers; they can rinse it out after each session and not have to worry about flavor ghosting. 

Height: 19.5"
Available Colors: Black, Blue, Red

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