Arjay Pony Hookah

Arjay Pony Hookah
Wholesale Egyptian Arjay Pony HookahWholesale Egyptian Hookah Bowl for Arjay PonyHookah Shaft for Arjay Pony Hub of Arjay Pony Hookah ShaftGlass Hookah Base for Arjay Pony Mya Hookah Hose on Arjay Pony Hookah
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Egyptian Pony Hookah

Load up a nice bowl of your favorite shisha and make this Pony trot! The Arjay Pony features a classic Egyptian style shaft design with the three tones; gold, brass, and silver. Also adorning the hub are are some nice traditional style hand-etchings. This Pony stands 32" in height making it a nice entry into the "tall" category."

Why purchase a Pony?

Who doesn't want a Pony? All jokes aside, these are super solid hookahs with the classic, traditional appeal at a fraction of the price of some of the more well-known brands? These are a dream for any type of hookah business. Sell these for massive profits in your retail shop or replace/upgrade hookahs at your lounge or catering operation for a great bargain.

Egyptian Pony Stats:

Height: 32"
Base: Gold Striped
Hose: Mya standard
Bowl: Egyptian glazed

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