Single Pear Shika Hookah

Shika Single Pear - 1 Hose Hookah
Blue Marble Single Pear Shika HookahBlue Shika Single Pear HookahBlack Single Pear ShikaBlack Marble Single Pear ShikaBowl for Shika HookahShaft of Shika Single Pear HookahHub of Single Pear Shika ShaftBase of Shika Single Pear HookahSingle Pear Shika Hookah Hose
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Shika Single Pear Hookah

Well look what we have here. Shika is very much known for their brass shafts and electroplated finishes but who's to say they can't get traditional and put out something just as solid? The Single Pear draws upon one of the most classic and enduring designs ever created and they've done a magnificent job with this 33" beauty. Each shaft comes in either blue or black with the option of having a unique marbled finish.

Shika Single Pear Features

The Single Pear abandons the heavy brass featured in many shika hookahs for the lighter weight stainless steel. This means you get the same lasting quality and protection from rust/corrosion, but you don't have to be as buff as Adam to carry this hookah to a customer.  You'll get a nice washable Shika hose, glazed bowl, and a classic Egyptian style Shika base.

Single Pear Specs:

Height: 33 inches
Base: Shika Egyptian style base
Shaft: Stainless steel, Black/Blue bulb with marble option.
Hose: Shika washable
Bowl: Shika

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