BYO Kayla Hookah

BYO Kayla Hookah
Rose Gold BYO Kayla HookahBlack BYO Kayla HookahCoffee BYO KaylaBowl for BYO hookahShaft for BYO Kayla HookahHub of BYO Kayla Hookah ShaftBase for BYO Kayla HookahHookah Hose for BYO Kayla Hookah
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BYO Kayla Hookah

The BYO is a beautiful, modern 18" offering that features modern finish options and a heavy, etched glass base. Though the Kayla sits in the small to medium hookah class, these are nice enough that they could easily be just as successful in a lounge or catering option as they will be in retail shops. 

BYO Kayla Design

From Amira's innovated woodgrain finishes on the shaft and the hose handles to the locking system that eliminates the need for a base grommet, the BYO Kayla is a sight to behold. Like the it's 18" sibling the Bella, the Kayla features a clear glass base. This is a heavy glass base with beautiful carvings that make it sparkle like a diamond in the right light. The Kayla also comes with a high quality washable silicone hose and an unglazed clay bowl. 

BYO Kayla Specs

Height: 18  inches
Stem: Stainless steel w/ wood exterior
Hose: Washable hookah hose
Bowl: Unglazed Clay bowl
Vase Colors: Coffee, Black, Rose Gold

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