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Shika Mido - 1 Hose Hookah
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Shika Mido Hookah

The Mido hearkens back to some of the most classic Shika designs that started it all. This hookah is packed with features including an electroplated black brass stem and a height measuring a towering 37 inches. The shaft features smooth curves similar to what you'd see on many classic Egyptian pipes but looks a bit more modern-industrial with the deep black finish. Another great selling point is that because the Mido is entirely handmade; each pipe will be completely unique. 

Shika Mido Features

The Mido is packed with cool Shika features. To start, we have the electroplating finish. This beautiful black finish is present on the shaft, coal tray, and even the tongs that accompany it. Next we have the brass element, what you get here is a heavier and more stable hookah than what you'd see with some more lighter pipes made with steel. This is great news for any lounge owners worried about a clumsy customer knocking over a hookah. Last but not least, the Mido is rounded out with a nice dual-banded black base and a matching washable Shika Typhoon hose to tie it all together. 

Mido Specs:

Height: 37 inches
Base: Shika dual-banded black base. 
Shaft: Black, electroplated finish. 
Hose: Washable Shika Typhoon hose
Bowl: Shika Oblivion bowl. 

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