Golden Desert Mini Camo Hookahs

Golden Desert Mini Camo Hookah
Coffee colored Golden Desert Mini Camo hookahBlue Golden Desert Mini Camo hookahBag for Golden Desert Mini Camo hookahBowl for Golden Desert Mini CamoShaft for Golden Desert Mini Camo hookahHub of Golden Desert Mini Camo hookah shaftbase for Golden Desert Mini Camo hookahHose for Mini Camo hookah by Golden DesertGlowing Golden Desert Mini Camo hookah
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Golden Desert Mini Camo Hookah

The 12 1/2 inch tall Golden Desert Mini Camo hookah is going to be a new favorite of retailers! These are made out of premium materials and have all sorts of selling points such as the portability, nice carrying bag, and glowing base. These features are typically not seen on hookahs in this size and price range.

Mini Camo Design:

There are many cool design features of the Mini Camo so let's dig in... At first glance, the obvious is going to pop out. This is a nice looking, compact hookah. And you are right, it is! The interesting "Camo" finish works great with the less common glass tray and the matching premium silicone hose. These also come with a nice quality carrying bag which is precisely what many hookahs this size are missing... People buy smaller hookahs because they're easy to take to a friends house or on an outdoor excursion but many of the other hookahs in this size range do not come with any sort of carrying case. Golden Desert did the work for you so you don't have to figure out the best way to pack it up.

Now, the big surprise that isn't noticeable right out of the box is that the base glows in the dark! Make sure the Mini Camo base gets sufficient bright light and you'll notice that it glows in the dark once night falls.

Mini Camo Hookah Specs:

Height: 12.5 inches
Shaft: Stainless steel -Blue/Coffee Camo finish options
Unglazed clay
Hose: Washable premium silicone

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