Golden Desert Madness Hookah

Golden Desert Madness Hookahs
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Golden Desert Madness Hookah

The word "Madness" conjures up the sounds of metal bands and Jack Torrance going nuts in "The Shining," but the only thing to go mad about here is how sweet this 17.5 inch Madness hookah by Golden Desert really is. I mean, look at the photos folks! The attention to detail and quality build put the Madness right up there at the top of the list at hookahs under $50.


Forged out of stainless steel and carbon fiber, one of the first things you notice about the shaft of the Madness upon closer inspection is the extreme attention to detail in the finish. Somebody might have gone mad making these so flawless! This hookah is adorned with a classic, unglazed clay bowl up top and comes with a premium washable silicone hose, but I know what caught your eye right away... The wide-bottomed crystal style base! Additional cool features included a built-in diffuser on the down stem, invisible purge, and magnetic hose port.

Golden Desert Madness Specs:

Height: 17.5 inches
Shaft: Stainless/Carbon Fiber
Hose: Silicone

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