33% OFF Nirvana 100g Limited Edition Flavors

33% OFF Nirvana 100g Limited Edition

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33% OFF Pandemic Edition Nirvana Flavors
100g Regular Price: $6.00
Sale Price: $4.00
Sale Ends August 31st or When We Run Out!

Limited Edition Nirvana Tobacco 

 It was a long year for everyone in 2020, but if you leave a mad scientist in the lab for 12 months with nothing to do, you can get some incredible results. Behold the vast array of Limited Edition Nirvana Flavors in both the Super Shisha and Dark Leaf Eclipse line. You get the same high quality shisha, hand made in small batches in the USA, but an almost unlimited range of flavors.  When these flavors are gone, it may be another year before we let Bassem run wild in the shisha lab, so pick up something new, something special and definitely intense for your shisha fiends while it lasts.

Nirvana Super Shisha Flavor Descriptions:

Ants In My Head - Lychee
Apple Explosion - Double Apple
Berry Blast - Blackberry and raspberry
Bugly Fitch - Honey, vanilla and cinnamon
Bunny Of Death - Mint, cream and vanilla
Cold Sweat - Orange and lemon
Con. Ecc. Creates Elec. - Raspberry, blackberry and chocolate
Deep Sea Dentist - Icy mint and passion fruit
Drunk Cowboys - Mint ice and spearmint
Eternal Passion Fruit - Passion fruit!
Frank The Tank - Orange and grapefruit
Frog In A Blender - Earl gray with bergamot
Icy Bon Bon - Peppermint
Icy Mang Tang - Tangerine, mango and mint
It's About To Get Weird - Spearmint, wintergreen and mint mix
It's Kind Of Small, Gabe - Caramel, coconut and vanilla
Its So Slimy - Energy drink flavor
Le Matrix - Lemon-lime w/ mint
Lemon Beach Party - Sour and sweet lemon w/ lime finish
My Medwakh Wants To Kill You - Orange soda
Not Now, I'm Naked - Grape w/ mint
Not Waving, Drowning - Mango, sour lemon and mint
Pack Of Hungry Freaks - Mint, cinnamon and gum
Paula's Enormous Mouth - Caramel, cream and honey
Pineapple Scream - Pineapple w/ light mint
Poultry in Motion - Peach and mango
Primal Pineapple - Pineapple
Raspberried Alive - Raspberry, passionfruit and honey
Redneck Robert - Cinnamon, cream and mint
Redrum - Strawberry
Salty Slug - Peppermint and strawberry
Screaming Pineapple - Pineapple and mint
Smokin' Dead - Cherry, cranberry and vanilla
Spaceman Bill - Orange, pineapple and mint
Straw Barry - Strawberry and lemon
Stuffin' The Muffin' - Cherry, peach and gum
That Snake Hat Guy - Lemon w/ mint
The Mayans Had Heart - Blueberry
Toad People Of The Black Forest - Cola
Velvet Elvis On The Wall - Lemon and kiwi
Warphine - Banana, vanilla and cinnamon
Weapons Grade Mint - Icy Mint
Western Uncivilization - Grapefruit, honey and cinnamon
White Boy Grape - Mixed grape
Who's Face Is This? - White Mint
Yasss!! - Cinnamon, cream and vanilla

Limited Edition Nirvana Eclipse Flavors:

Apus: Peaches and Mint
Aurora: Cranberry, Grapefruit and Vanilla 
Callisto: Cranberry
Carina: Mix of cantaloupe, honey dew and watermelon
Castor: Grapefruit with Mint
Cressida: Galactic Doublel Apple
Dorado: Grape and Clove
Eridani: Classic White Grape and Mint
Fornax: Bold Black Grape
Herculis: Energy Drink
Hipparcos: Mint with Guava
Janus: Watermelon and Grape with Mint
Kepler: Coffee, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Clove
Libra: Hot Chili
Lyra: Cinnamon Gum
Monoceros: Minty Gum
Nash: Chocolate Cinnamon Cappuccino
Nova: Coffee Peach and Bergamot
Oberon: Peaches and Cream
Pavo: Orange with Mint
Pegasi: Passion Fruit with Mint
Pictus: Grape, Mango and Apple
Pollux: Cherry with Mint
Rigel: Mango and Peach with Melon Blend
Scorpius: Banana and spices
Sirius: Grapefruit, Cinnamon and Honey
Tatania: Peach, Pear, Spearmint
Tauri: Vanilla, Cinnamon and Clove
Tucano: Jasmine with Cream
Ursa Major: Coffee and Guava
Vega: Double Apple with Pomegranate
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