Tom Coco Natural Hookah Coals

TomCoco Coals - All Sizes and Cases
72pc Cubes - Tom Coco CharcoalsTomCoco Coconut Coal Cube 25mm x 25mm36pc Cubes - TomCoco Hookah Charcoals32pc Big Cubes - Tom Coco Coconut Coals64pc Big Cube Tom Coco Hookah CoalsTom Coco 54pc Mini Cubes  Tom Coco 22mm Mini Cube Charcoals10KG - Cubes Lounge Pack
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Tom Coco is Our Newest Hookah Coal

Tom Coco hookah charcoals are the best import from Europe since David Hasselhoff. This is a premium brand of natural coconut hookah coals, so you will get minimal ash, clean heat and long lasting sessions. After dominating the high end hookah culture of Germany and Russia, TomCoco is here.

Tom Coco Cube Coal Sizes

TomCoco charcoals are available as standard cubes, big cubes and mini-cubes so let's explain the different sizes.
  • "Standard" cubes - 25mm x 25mm x 25mm - Available in 72pc Kilos and 36pc Half Kilo boxes and 10kg (720pc) Lounge Packs
  • "Big/Jumbo" cubes - 26mm x 26mm x 26mm - Available in 64pc Kilos and 32pc Half Kilo boxes
  • "Mini" cubes - 22mm x 22mm x 22mm - Available in 54pc Half Kilo boxes

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