Al Fakher Hookah Tobacco 250g Tubs

Al Fakher 250g Jar
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Al Fakher Shisha 250 gram Jar

One of the most well known and most reliable flavors in the world, Al Fakher shisha tobacco offers up dozens of classic and tasty flavors of shisha tobacco. Their product line focuses on traditional single flavors such Melon, Mint and Peach and they are the best in the hookah business at creating these flavors.

Selling Al Fakher Tobacco in Retail Stores

These 250g boxes are a great option for you to stock up on the popular flavors. Each Al Fakher 250 gram tub is packed in a very attractive box and sealed with the tamper-proof label of authenticity. The jars inside come with the tobacco packed in a sealed pouch, giving each box a triple layer seal of freshness!

Al Fakher for Hookah Bars and Cafes

The 250g is a viable option for hookah cafes with moderate traffic, or for slower moving flavors in a high volume hookah bar. You may consider stocking AF Kilograms for Mint, Blueberry, Melon, Peach, Double Apple and Grape. These are their best sellers and any hookah lounge will want to keep those flavors in bulk.
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