Starbuzz 1000g Tub

Starbuzz 1000g Tub
Wholesale 1kg Starbuzz Blue Mist
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Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco 1000g (1 Kilo) Tubs

Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco is widely regarded as a first rate, top notch brand of shisha tobacco. The line features more than 70 premium flavors that are known for smooth smoke and amazing flavor strength. Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco is produced in the United States, and is enjoyed by all kinds of hookah smokers.

Pick up some of your favorite flavors and best sellers in the 1 kilo size to ensure that you won't run out quickly!

Starbuzz Shisha Flavor Descriptions

The flavor names can be fairly exotic, fantastical or some complete nonsense.  Here are descriptions of some of the most enigmatic Starbuzz hookah flavors.

Apple Americano – Candied apple with the rich coffee notes in a wonderful marriage of smoke

Apple Cinnamon-   Sweet apple flavor with perfectly balanced notes of cinnamon

Arabian Coffee –  A sweet coffee flavor with just the right amount of bitter tones

Black Grape – Dark, rick, sweet, With a hint of anise, this strong flavor balances sweet with spicy.

Blue Mist – Sweet, light, blueberry/cotton candy flavor, it’s a great shisha to start with, and is perfect for daily sessions. 

Blue Surfer – A mix of sweet tropical fruits and cooling mint.

Candy – Refreshing flavors of pineapple and banana into a hard candy, and wham! You’ve got Candy shisha.

Caramel Macchiato – With hints of caramel, this sweet, rich flavor will remind you of the drink

Citrus Mist-  Beautifully blended cooling citrus flavor

Classic Mojito - Sweet lime with mint

Coco Jumbo – Give any mix a tropical spin with this great coconut and Lime blend

Code 69 – Cool fruit punch flavor mixed with thick clouds of tart citrus. Great addition to any mix

Egyptian Pharos- An enigmatic spice blend of vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, and lots of other secret ingredients 

Flower Power –Mixes together an aromatic floral punch with fruity sweetness. 

Fruit Sensation – This shisha picks one fruit, and sticks with it! You’re going to get a mouthful of pear with this Fruit Sensation.

Fuzzy Lemonade - Lemonade with notes of peach

Fuzzy Navel - Sweet peach and tropical flavored cocktail

Hard Rush – Winter fresh mint gives an extra kick to a generous combination of fine fruity flavors.

Holiday Mix – It’s a wintery mix of cinnamon, spice, nutmeg, and everything nice.

Honey Berry – What would normally be a standard sourberry, gets an extra swirl of complexity by adding a hint of honey liqueur.

Lebanese Bombshell – If you’ve ever wanted to smoke a forest, this may be the closest that you can get. Taking a long drag of Lebanese Bombshell is akin to breathing in cedar wood shavings but somehow Wonderful!

Melon Blue - Imaging Blue Mist and sweet honey dew melons.

Passion Kiss – A light refreshing tropical flavor

Pink – Light Raspberry with hints of lemonade

Pirate’s Cave – lemon-lime explosion! Will have you thinking skittles, or even sprite!

Pomberry –  Pomegranate. Sweet Berries. Booyah.

Royal Grape – Smooth and sweet, this powerful grape flavor is a winner

Safari Melon Dew - Sweet green honey dew melon 

Sex on the Beach – Lemons, Oranges, slight tropical taste, this flavor is sure to bring back memories of the drink

Spicy Red-  Hot cinnamon cooled off with a great sweet spearmint 

Tequila Sunrise - Based on the orange juice and tequila cocktail...without the hangover or the worm!

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