Pharaoh Hookah - 1 Hose

Pharaoh Hookah - 1 Hose

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Pharaoh Egyptian Hookahs

The 30" Egyptian Pharaoh is one of our best selling hookahs for hookah bars and cafe's. This hookah is hand-crafted in Egypt and its lathed stainless steel shaft is designed for heavy use. Lounges can streamline their inventory of hookahs, but still show a variety of colors by choosing this hookah in any of the 5 base options. This hookah is a high quality piece with a very affordable price that makes it a favorite for new hookah bars!

Pharaoh Hookah High Quality Components

The 30" height makes them ideal for placing the hookah on the floor, while the bowl is waist high, so it's easy to monitor the hookah bowl and add fresh coals while the customer is smoking. Traditionally, hookahs are always placed on the ground, never on a table, so this hookah is well suited for a traditional, Arabic themed hookah cafe.

The included bowl is the standard glazed brown Egyptian clay. Each bowl is hand-made, so you may find some variance in size. Hookah retailers and lounge owners like the clay bowl because of its ease of use and universal application. This hookah will smoke like a champ with any bowl you or your customers might choose to upgrade further down the road.

The synthetic leather hose from Mya Saray is a quality hose that extends nearly 6 feet. The hose is very flexible, has good air-flow, and is very easy to use As with any hookah this size and quality, customers may want to upgrade hoses in the future, and Pharaoh has large hose ports that can support custom hose options if so desired.

Egyptian Pharaoh Selling points:

-The Pharaoh hookah is an ideal hookah pipe for hookah bars and smoking lounges.

-The hand-lathed stainless steel hookah shaft is extremely durable and resits corrosion.

-The Pharaoh hookah is the flagship of our Egyptian hookah collection.

-The Pharaoh hookah comes with your choice of the Washable, Mod, Cobra or Nammor hose.

Egyptian Pharaoh Hookah Specs:

Height: 30 inches

Hose: Washable, Mod, Cobra, Nammor

Bowl: Egyptian Clay bowl

Base Options: Blue Pyramid, Black Pyramid, Green Pyramid, Blue Cleopatra, Silver Striped, Gold Striped

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