Hydro Herbal 500g Carton

Hydro Herbal 500g Carton
Wholesale Cartons of Hydro ShishaHydro Herbal Shisha - King Louie
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Hydro Tobacco Free Shisha Molasses

Hydro Herbal Shisha is a nicotine-free, tobacco-free, and tobacco tax free shisha that has made a big splash with its 2009 release. Hydro produces some of the thickest, puffiest smoke of all herbal shisha available. If you have customers that enjoy the rich flavor and puffy clouds from their hookah, but want to avoid the nicotine and tobacco, Hydro Molasses Herbal shisha is by far the best selling option available.

Monster Clouds from Hydro Herbal Hookah Molasses

Hydro is made with the bagasse fibers that are the byproduct from processing sugar cane. This natural medium is perfect for absorbing tons of shisha flavorings and glycerine, so the cloud output is denser than many traditional tobacco shisha brands.  The flavors are super rich and many are unique to the Hydro label.

The mouth-watering flavors surpass any and all other brands in the tobacco-free niche market. The bright colors and modern design will surely grab the eye of your customers. Best of all, its made right here in the USA!

Available Flavors:
After Dark (peppermint)
Apple Bottoms (Sweet Apple)
Aurora (Pineapple)
Avalanche (Banana)
BDC (Birthday Cake)
Black Widow (Blackberry)
Blue Viper (Blueberry)
Citrus Twist (Lemon/Lime)
Dr. 23 (Dr. Pepper)
Electric X (Wild Berry)
Flower Power (Rose)
Green Ice (Spearmint)
Hurricane (Mixed Fruit)
Hyrdojava (Coffee)
Hyrdopeach (Peach)
Hyrdropurple (Grape)
Kali Drizzle (Blueberry Grape)
King Louie G (Guava)
Les Deux (Double Apple)
Majestic Grape
Melon Dew (Melon)
Platinum Honey
Qing Rubus (Blue Raspberry)
Razmataz (Raspberry)
Red Lightning (Strawberry)
Red Venom (Cherry)
Seks on Fifth (Chocolate Mint)
Summer Hash (Kinda fruity from what we have heard)
Sun Ray (Orange)
Tangerine Feen (Tangerine)
Tropical Storm (Mango)
Xai (Chai)
White Yummi (White Chewy Bear Candy)
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