Fumari 100g Shisha Tobacco

Fumari 100g Shisha Tobacco
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100g Pouch of Fumari Hookah Tobacco

Fumari's shisha tobacco is some of the best tasting, and best selling among modern brands of shisha tobacco. With popular flavors like Fumari Blueberry Muffin and Fumari White Gummi Bear, these unique flavors are certain to give your customers enjoyable smoke sessions filled with incredible flavor and massive thunder clouds! Fumari packs its shisha tobacco in conveniently resealable pouches for easy storage and access.

Looking for the best of the best? Find our 20 best selling Fumari tobacco flavors.

Fumari Flavor Descriptions

Since this happens to be one of our favorites brands, we willingly smoked the whole flavor list to bring you accurate descriptions for each and every Fumari shisha flavor. I hope you enjoy this list half as much as we enjoyed our "product research."

Available Fumari Flavors:
  • Ambrosia - Sweet melon and mixed fruit in a creamy marshmallow blend
  • Blueberry Muffin - ripe, decadent blueberries mix with a sweet muffin-y finish
  • Carubbean Colada - Refreshing coconut cocktail blend.
  • Citrus Mint - bright, tangy citrus notes that combine with cool refreshing mint
  • Citrus Tea - Get the citrus flavor with a more complex tea flavor profile in the background
  • Double Apple - Double Apple
  • Fakfahina - Super smooth, sweet fruit (maybe apples) with a light floral tone
  • French Vanilla - This vanilla is loaded with extra sweet cream
  • Guava - Tropical fruity-ness of the exotic guava
  • Granny Smith - Sour green apple
  • Island Papaya - The most tropical flavor explosion ever created in the hookah-verse!
  • Lemon Mint - Citrus-y lemons with a cool and smooth mint finish
  • Limoncello - sweet lemon, with a lemon hard candy flavor profile
  • Mandarin Zest - Super bright mandarin orange flavor made extra zesty!
  • Mimosa - Time for brunch! Champagne with a touch of fruit.
  • Mint - Is this too obvious....it tastes like mint
  • Mint Chocolate Chill - Sultry milk chocolate spiked with mint for something rich and smooth
  • Mochaccino - Balanced mix of rich coffee notes are dark chocolate, perfect for smokers looking for dark flavors with hints of bitter notes.
  • Mojito Mojo - A sweet lime with mint combination that takes you straight to the beach
  • Nectarine - Sweet peach notes with almost citrus-y hints mixed in
  • Orange Cream - Orange dream pops come to mind - sweet oranges with smooth vanilla cream
  • Passion Fruit - Another exotic fruit that will take you back to the tropics
  • Prickly Pear - Similar to grenadine, this is a bright, tart cherry/pomegrante/red flavor family
  • Purple Grape - A brand new sweet purple grape blend.
  • Red Gummi Bear - A sweet candied mix of red berries, like raspberry and cherry
  • Sour Cherry - Think sour cherry candy.
  • Spiced Chai - A balanced mix of Indian chai spices and sweet cream and tea.
  • Sweet Mint - Refreshing spearmint with a hint of sweet.
  • Tangelo - A tart citrus flavor with a blend of tangerins and mild grapefruit flavor
  • Tropical Mango - Rich mango flavor with a tropical twist
  • Tropical Punch - All the tropical fruits combined into a fruit-splosion of flavor
  • Tutti Frutti - A mixed fruit cocktail that covers all the bases
  • Watermelon - A true representation of this sweet fruity melon
  • White Gummi Bear - A sweet candied pineapple flavor that quickly rose to top seller status
  • White Peach - Oh how sweet it is. Smooth white peach flavor just like those gummy candy "O's"
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