15% OFF Nammor Cleopatra Hookah Package

15% OFF Nammor Cleopatra Hookah Package
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15% Off Nammor Cleopatra Package

Get 12 Cleopatra Hookahs for $549 - Save $99 - $8.25 per Hookah

15% OFF - Only $45.75 per Nammor Cleo!

Nammor Cleopatra (1 hose) Hookah

The Nammor Cleopatra Hookah is a beautiful 32" tall hookah made from high quality stainless-steel, making it extremely durable, and it is decorated with gold colored detailing. It features an ultra wide hose adapter (no bb's to restrict airflow) to provide an exceptionally smooth draw, and an extra large base that is very stable and able to collect huge amounts of smoke for massive clouds. 

An incredibly popular metal with hookah manufacturers, stainless-steel makes the Cleopatra incredibly strong. Durable and completely resistant to rust or corrosion, this hookah is designed to have a very long lifespan when treated with care and respect. That being said, it is also built to handle a number of drops and bumps and still smoke like a champ!

We have a few options to choose from.  We have 1 configuration with a silver striped base.  That option DOES NOT INCLUDE A HOSE.  However, it does include a bowl upgrade to the Shika Oblivion Phunnel Bowl.   The Gold Stiped glass base option DOES INCLUDE A HOSE, the Mya Cloisonne hose and the standard Egyptian clay bowl. 

The Package deal includes 12 Nammor Cleopatras with NO HOSE in the SILVER STRIPED BASE and OBLIVION PHUNNEL BOWL UPGRADE.

We know this can be confusing, but if it weren't would it still be the hookah business?

Nammor Cleopatra Downstem

The downstem for the Cleopatra is also made from stainless-steel, meaning it too is resistant to rust and corrosion. One of the best attributes of stainless-steel downstems are that they never retain powerful shisha flavor profiles - no more ghosting flavors ruining smoke sessions! One quick rinse and the Cleopatra will be ready to go!

Cleopatra Hookah Package for Lounges

 This package deal is perfect for hookah bars that want to buy hookahs in bulk, but want the flexibility to customize the hookah hose to match the hoses already in their lounge, or to purchase which ever hoses they feel will work best in a hookah rental business.  We love that silicone Ripper hose, but that's just us!

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