50% Hydro Hookah Vapor Stones

50% OFF Hydro Hookah Vapor Stones

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50% OFF Hydro Vaper Stones

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Tobacco Free Hydro Vapor Stones

Hydro Hookah Vapor Stones are a tobacco-free alternative to traditional hookah tobacco. Made of porous rocks that have been injected with flavored glycerin, these stones produce a vapor when heated that does not contain any nicotine or artificial dyes. Hydro vapor stones can also pump out clouds that tobacco just can't.  Why is that you might ask?  Steam stones have no leaves, plant matter, or organic material to burn. The "smoke" that you experience is just the vaporized flavor and glycerin.  This means that you can pile on the coals to get an ungodly clouds without the harsh, burning throat hit that scorched tobacco creates.

Hydro Steam Stones are available in 250g jars, so retailers and hookah lounges can benefit from keeping them on hand. 

How to Use Hydro Stones

First, we highly recommend that you pick up a phunnel or vortex style hookah bowl.  Really, you need any kind of bowl that has elevated holes inside, so the juice does not liquify and drain down your stem.  You want those stones boiling in their own sweet flavored essesnce. Simply pour them into a bowl up to the same height you would load tobacco based shisha. Just add foils or a Kaloud Lotus and some coals and you can enjoy the nicotine free experience of Hydro Vapor Stones. You can mix the flavors to create unique combinations, just like you can with tobacco.  If you really want to get crazy, you can even mix tobacco and steam stones if you want a lighter nicotine session.

Available Flavors:

Aurora (Pineapple)
Avalanche (Banana)
Black Widow (Blackberry)
Blue Viper (Blueberry)
Citrus Twist (Lemon/Lime)
Dr. 23 (Dr. Pepper)
Electric X (Wild Berry)
Flower Power (Rose)
Green Ice (Spearmint)
Hurricane (Mixed Fruit)
Hyrdojava (Coffee)
Hyrdopeach (Peach)
Hyrdropurple (Grape)
Jolly Molly (watermelon)
Kali Drizzle (Blueberry Grape)
king Louie G (Guava)
Les Deux (Double Apple)
Majestic Grape (Grape)
Melon Dew (Melon)
Razmataz (Raspberry)
Red Lightning (Strawberry)
Red Venom (Cherry)
Seks on Fifth (Chocolate Mint)
Sun Ray (Orange)
Tangerine Feen (tangerine)
Tropical Storm (Mango)
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