King Tut Hookah - 1 Hose

King Tut Hookah - 1 Hose

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King Tut Egyptian Hookahs

This beast is a robust performer that will last for years in a commercial hookah bar setting.  This hookah is just like the Pharaoh, but it has an extra 4 inches of height.  That makes this one of our tallest hookahs and a favorite for hookah lounge owners and retailers who want to showcase some serious hookah horse power.

King Tut Hookah Pipe Components

We decided to simplify and streamline the options for the King Tut to make it easier than ever to find the right hookah.  We created 5 new options of glass bases.  The conical Pyramid style base is available in green and smoke.  These options have a wide flat footprint that gives these hookahs extra stability.

Anther King Tut that we recommend for stability is the blue Cleopatra base.  The wide bottom voluminous base holds a more water and has more weight, which gives this hookah a solid, high quality feel.

Our gold and silver striped bases are convenient for lounge owners who like to get a quick and clear picture of the water level.  This makes cleaning and set up quick and easy. Customers also like to see the some accumulate and clear.  These classic bases come with metallic gold and silver stripes that are simple, elegant and authentic.

The King Tut is paired with a standard woodtip Mya Saray hose.  The high quality and flexibility make them good hoses for lounges or retail customers to start with.  Over time, you may want to upgrade the hoses to something more substantial to match the gravitas of this massive hookah.

The stainless steel shaft and welds are designed with commercial applications in mind, so these will be long lasting in your cafe, and a lifetime hookah for retail customers.

King Tut Egyptian Hookah Specs

Height: 34 inches 
Hose: Black Mya Saray Woodtip Hose
Bowl: Egyptian Clay bowl 
Base Options: Green or Smoke Pyramid, Gold or Silver Striped Bell, Blue Cleopatra

Selling points: 

- The King Tut 1 Hose hookah is hand made in Egypt
- The King Tut 1 Hose is an excellent hookah for hookah lounges and cafes
- This is an awesome hookah for customers looking for a large single hose hookah.
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