Scarab Hookah - 1 Hose

Scarab Hookah - 1 Hose
Blue Pyramid Scarab HookahScarab with Black BaseScarab Hookah with Black Pyramid BaseScarab Hookah with Red Pyramid BaseScarab with Blue Pyramid BaseScarab Hookah Shaft HubScarab Hookah ShaftScarab Hookah Shaft BowlScarab Hookah Shaft Hose
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Egyptian Scarab 18 Inch Hookahs

The Scarab is one of the best starter / portable / desk top hookahs available today. This is an authentic, hand-made Egyptian hookah that is designed to smoke like beast, but prep and cleaning are made much easier with its compact size. If you want a quality, hand-made Egyptian pipe, that comes with all the unique marks and quarks of artisanal, Egyptian production techniques.

These hookahs have a stainless-steel stem are paired with a plastic Al Fakher hose, so the set up is fully washable, or maybe you just toss out the hose and buy a new one. You can eliminate any issues with flavor ghosting, and you don't have to worry about rusting metal or your hose deteriorating. Then we upgraded this to full size Bishop "phunnel" bowl that will extend the session with richer flavors and bigger clouds.

Scarab Hookah Specs:

Height: 18 inches
Hose: Washable / Disposable Al Fakher Hose
Bowl: Bishop "phunnel" bowl
Base Options: Pyramid, bell or Luxor
Base Colors: Black, Blue, Green, or Red

Selling points:

-The Scarab hookah's size make it ideal for customers with limited space or looking to travel with their hookah.

-The hand-lathed stainless steel hookah shaft is designed to withstand heavy, everyday use.

-The size and price make the Scarab hookah an excellent value for a high quality, hand made Egyptian hookah pipe.

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