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Coco Nara Coconut Hookah Coals

CocoNara hookah charcoals are the most popular natural hookah coals on the market. CocoNara coals are eco-friendly natural charcoals made from the shells of coconuts. These Coconara hookah coals are cut into flat square pieces. Coco-Nara Hookah coals are odorless and tasteless. They must be lit on a stove top but they do burn up to three times longer than quick light coals and ash less than other hookah charcoals.

Coco Nara Coals are extremely popular for the following reasons:

**Coco Nara Coals were the first and original coconut coals on the market!

**Coco Nara Coals last longer than quick lighting and other natural coals!

**Coco Nara Coals produce less ash, so shisha stays fresh and juicy!

**Coco Nara Coals are eco-friendly!

You save roughly 13% when you buy Coco Nara by the case!

Coco Nara Quick Light Coconut Coals

The hassle of lighting traditional coals is time consuming and requires extra equipment. After years of development, Coco Nara has released the new quick lighting coconut coals. By applying the knowledge and experience they gained from producing the best natural coals on the market, they overcame some of the biggest detractors of quick lighting hookah coals.

First and foremost, Coco Nara has virtually eliminated the taste and odor associated with quick lighting coal.

Second, each coal will last for 45-60 minutes, almost doubling the average quick light coal longevity. This gives you more time to smoke and less time lighting coals.

Third, unlike the vast majority of quick light coals that are made in China, India or other SE Asian countries, these coals are manufactured in Spain where the quality control could be vigorously maintained. Your customers can rely on these coals to be consistent in quality and performance with every box.

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