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250G Boxes of NU Shisha

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Blueberry Mint NU -250G Jar
Grape Mint NU -250G Jar
Gum Mint NU -250G Jar
Lemon Mint NU -250G Jar
Orange Mint NU -250G Jar
Pan Rasna NU -250G Jar
Two Apple Mint NU -250G Jar
Two Apple NU -250G Jar
Vanilla NU -250G Jar
Watermelon Mint NU -250G Jar
California Dream NU -250G Jar
Cool Lemon NU -250G Jar
Grapefruit Mint NU -250G Jar
Grapefruit NU -250G Jar
Mint NU -250G Jar
Organic Mint NU -250G Jar
Strong Mint NU -250G Jar

NU Tobacco 250g Boxes

Nu shisha tobacco has a small collection of the essential flavors that any retailer and hookah cafe needs to provide, with a couple of unique zingers to keep your attention. We like Nu for its economic value. Hookah cafes looking to offer a cheaper base level shisha tobacco at a lower price than their premium brands can find an excellent opportunity with Nu tobacco. Likewise, night clubs and other specialty events that want to offer hookah smoking with little investment can get a great return using Nu tobacco.

I smell Pan...Rasna that is!

In the words of rapper Chingo Bling...."I smell pan". The Pan Rasna from Nu shisha is a very clean and citrus-y blend of the traditional Indian spice blend. This flavor is ultra potent and most customers will love it or run out of the building to avoid the smell. We recommend dedicating 1 or 2 hookahs that only smoke Pan, because this flavor will linger no matter how much you clean the hookah.