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Heba Hookah Diffuser (50% Off)

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Large and Small Heba Diffuser Combo
Large Heba Diffuser

Heba Hookah Diffuser

Heba Diffusers attach onto the downstem of a hookah and help break the air bubbles into many smaller bubbles. The benefit is the creation of more surface area for the bubbles to filter through. This means less vibration for your hookah when you take pulls, and also less of that rumble noise you hear from every pull. Diffusers create an overall smoother hookah experience opposed to a regular bare downstem.Free Upgrade to Sell More Hookahs These diffusers are great selling accessories, and at $3.50 a piece retail, they have great margins. But we find they have great power as an upgrade to hookahs. A customer is looking at a hookah, on the fence about the purchase and then BAM!!! you toss in a free "$5 diffuser upgrade" to close the deal. It only cost you a few cents, and you just flipped a $100 hookah. Your welcome!