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Al Fakher Hookah Tobacco 250G Tubs

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Grouped product items
Apple (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Apple -250G Al Fakher
Apricot (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Apricot -250G Al Fakher
Berry (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Berry -250G Al Fakher
Blueberry (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Blueberry -250G Al Fakher
Blueberry Mint (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Blueberry Mint -250G Al Fakher
Bubble Gum (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Bubble Gum -250G Al Fakher
Cherry (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Cherry -250G Al Fakher
Cherry Mint (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Cherry Mint -250G Al Fakher
Cinnamon (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Cinnamon -250G Al Fakher
Citrus Mint (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Citrus Mint -250G Al Fakher
Cocktail (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Cocktail -250G Al Fakher
Fresh (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Fresh -250G Al Fakher
Grape (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Grape -250G Al Fakher
Grape Berry -250G Al Fakher
Grape Mint (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Grape Mint -250G Al Fakher
Grapefruit -250G Al Fakher
Grapefruit Mint -250G Al Fakher
Grenadine (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Grenadine -250G Al Fakher
Guava (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Guava -250G Al Fakher
Gum Cinnamon (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Gum Cinnamon -250G Al Fakher
Gum Mint (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Gum Mint -250G Al Fakher
Kiwi (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Kiwi -250G Al Fakher
Lemon (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Lemon -250G Al Fakher
Lemon Mint (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Lemon Mint -250G Al Fakher
Lucid Dreams (case of 24) - 250G jars
Magic Love (case of 24) - 250G jars
Mango (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Mango -250G Al Fakher
Melon (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Melon -250G Al Fakher
Mint (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Mint -250G Al Fakher
Mint Cream (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Mint Cream -250G Al Fakher
Orange (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Orange -250G Al Fakher
Orange Cream (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Orange Cream -250G Al Fakher
Orange Mint (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Orange Mint -250G Al Fakher
Peach (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Peach -250G Al Fakher
Pineapple (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Pineapple -250G Al Fakher
Rose (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Rose -250G Al Fakher
Spearmint Gum (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Spearmint Gum -250G Al Fakher
Strawberry (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Strawberry -250G Al Fakher
Strawberry Cream (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Strawberry Cream -250G Al Fakher
Two Apples (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Two Apples -250G Al Fakher
Two Apples Mint (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Two Apples Mint -250G Al Fakher
Vanilla (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Vanilla -250G Al Fakher
Watermelon (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Watermelon -250G Al Fakher
Watermelon Mint (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Watermelon Mint -250G Al Fakher
Banana (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Banana -250G Al Fakher
Cafe Latte (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Cafe Latte -250G Al Fakher
Cappucino (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Cappucino -250G Al Fakher
Cardamom (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Chocolate (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Chocolate Mint (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Cigar (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Coconut (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Coconut -250G Al Fakher
Cola (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Energy Drink (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Gummastic (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Honey (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Jasmine (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Licorice (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Mojito (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Mojito -250G Al Fakher
Pipe Tobacco (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Plum (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Plum Al Fakher 250G jar
Plum Mint (Case of 24) -250G Jars

Al Fakher Shisha 250 gram Jar

One of the most well known and most reliable flavors in the world, Al Fakher shisha tobacco offers up dozens of classic and tasty flavors of shisha tobacco. Their product line focuses on traditional single flavors such Melon, Mint and Peach and they are the best in the hookah business at creating these flavors. When you combine the global popularity of Al Fakher with their quality product, and simple to use and enjoy product, it's a no-brainer for any hookah retailer. The 250g container will yield roughly 12 hookah sessions. sessions

Selling Al Fakher Tobacco in Retail Stores

These 250g boxes are a great option for you to stock up on the popular flavors. Each Al Fakher 250 gram tub is packed in a very attractive box and sealed with the tamper-proof label of authenticity. The jars inside come with the tobacco packed in a sealed pouch, giving each box a triple layer seal of freshness! Regular hookah smokers will gravitate to the 250 tubs for their regular consumption because of the extra value from buying in bulk vs. the 50g boxes. Make sure you have the top 20 AF flavors stocked in 250gs to cover the fastest selling, high volume flavors and then customize your flavor selection based on customer requests in your area.

Al Fakher for Hookah Bars and Cafes

The 250g is a viable option for hookah cafes with moderate traffic, or for slower moving flavors in a high volume hookah bar. With 10-12 full session in each container, multiply your hookah rental price x 12 to get a rough ROI. Example: $18 x 12 rentals = $216$20 x 12 rentals = $240$25 x 12 rentals = $300 $300 of revenue per 250g can! Wow! That's an incredible return on investment in any hookah lounge. This makes Al Fakher the best option for profitability with a high quality shisha. We highly recommend using Al Fakher in your hookah lounge or mobile catering business to maximize your profitability. You will need to upgrade to Al Fakher Kilos as soon as possible to really drive that profit margin to even higher heights.