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Amira Apollo Hookah

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Black (23" Medium) Apollo Hookah - Amira & BYO
Rose Gold (23" Medium) Apollo Hookah - Amira & BYO
Blue (23" Medium) Apollo Hookah - Amira & BYO
Green (23" Medium) Apollo Hookah - Amira & BYO
Purple (23" Medium) Apollo Hookah - Amira & BYO
Red (23" Medium) Apollo Hookah - Amira & BYO

Amira Apollo Hookah

The Amira Apollo has a colored hookah stem and matching washable hose, with a modern yet minimalist design that gives the Apollo hookah a broad appeal. The spherical base has marbled color swirl designs on the bottom of the base that fades to a clear top half making it easy to see the water level and smoke. The tray on these hookahs is a charcoal grey colored metal that will handle the hottest coals you drop on it.

Amira Apollo Design

The Apollo shaft is a solid combination of aluminum and stainless steel and showcases a precise row of ribs between the bulbs. The downstem has a built-in diffuser for quiet sessions and monster thunder clouds. The heavy glass ribbed base pairs perfectly with the ridges on the shaft and is clear under the colored tint so that you can see perfectly when filling the water during setup.

The Amira Apollo comes as a 1 hose hookah, but you can add an additional hose with the purchase of an Amira hookah hose adapter.

Amira Apollo Specs:


23 inches


Stainless steel

Vase Color:

Black, Blue, Purple, Red, Rose Gold, Green


Phunnel bowl


Washable hookah hose