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Amira Wand Hookah Hoses

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Black Silicone Wand Hose - Amira & BYO
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Rose Gold Silicone Wand Hose - Amira & BYO

Amira Wand Silicone Hoses

Amira Wand hoses are unique option among the many silicone hoses, because they feature an ergonmical grip combined with a unique geometric styling. It's true the Wand hookah hose invokes images of sorcery and witches, but the product is much more Blade Runner than Harry Potter.

Mouthtips for Amira Silicone Hoses

The best fitting mouth tips for these hoses are the Medium Jumbo (100 per bag),or the Jumbo Tips (50 per bag). They are wider to fit the hose tip and also give you a less restricted draw. We love it!

Amira Silicone Wand Features

The Amira Silicone Wand hoses are made out of high quality, medical grade silicone and measure about 72 inches long so your customers can enjoy their hookahs while lounging back without worrying about pulling down the hookah. Plus they are fully washable, so you can clean your hoses between flavors to prevent flavor ghosting. They are light weight and flexible making them super easy to use which means you avoid hose hand fatigue and the ergonomically grip is just so comfortable.

Amira Wand Hose Specs:

Length: 72 Inches
Hose Material: Surgical Grade Silicone
Handle Material: Anondized Aluminum with molded grip
Washable: Yes<
Recommended Mouth Tip: Jumbo Tips or Medium Jumbo Tips