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AO Badcha Strainer

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AO Badcha Chimney HMD

For use with or without foil, the AO Badcha HMD is an inexpensive heat management device to help control your hookah coals and ash. The tapered bottom cup measures roughly 2.7" in diameter making the Badcha chimney-style HMD compatible with most hookah bowls.

Load up your hookah bowl and set the AO Badcha HMD over foil or use it on its own as a foil substitute. The metal mesh keeps your charcoal ash contained and the raised outer lip keeps charcoal from falling off the top of the bowl.

As a foil substitute, the AO Badcha can speed up bowl preparation for your lounge patrons so they can get smoking quicker. It's also a great HMD option to offer in a retail space for hookah smokers not-quite-ready to invest into a more expensive heat management device.