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BYO Adele Hookah

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Black (22" Medium) Adele Hookah - Amira & BYO
Red (22" Medium) Adele Hookah - Amira & BYO
Blue (22" Medium) Adele Hookah - Amira & BYO
Green (22" Medium) Adele Hookah - Amira & BYO
Purple (22" Medium) Adele Hookah - Amira & BYO
Rose Gold (22" Medium) Adele Hookah - Amira & BYO

BYO Adele Hookah

The 22 inch Adele is a wonderful new design by BYO. BYO designers must have followed the old adage of "less is more" when making this hookah because it's a classic example of how awesome "simple" can be. No crazy color infusions or material experimentation, just as solid of a compact hookah that you could possibly buy. That said, it is packed some some of Amira/BYO's most popular and innovative features; let's explore!

BYO Adele Design

The shaft, hub, and tray are all made of stainless steel and then coated in aerospace grade aluminum, so right away you can be assured that the Adele was built to stand up to years of hookahs sessions. The shaft of the Adele utilizes BYO's "Click Technology" meaning that the stem simply twists and locks into the base. No rubber grommets! Each base is wide-bottomed with a splash of matching color infused at the bottom. Every Adele is outfitted with a phunnel bowl and a medical grade washable silicone hose.

BYO Adele Specs:


22 inches


Stainless steel with matte finish.


Washable silicone hose



Color Options:

Black, Red, Rose Gold