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BYO Chika Hookah

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Black (18.5" Medium) Chika Hookah - Amira & BYO
Blue (18.5" Medium) Chika Hookah - Amira & BYO
Red (18.5" Medium) Chika Hookah - Amira & BYO
White (18.5" Medium) Chika Hookah - Amira & BYO

BYO Chika Hookah

The 18 1/2" BYO Chika is the latest model in BYO's superb, less-than-20-inch hookah line. The Chika comes with all of the bells and whistles that many of it's siblings do with the addition of a very flat and wide bottomed base. The Chika is easily one of the best compact, table-top hookahs available on the market today. But wait, there's more! The shaft of the Chika is made up of a killer wood and resin finish not seen with any other hookah brands. In addition to that, each hookah comes with it's own customer mouth tip finished to match that of the hookah stem.

BYO Chika Design

The Chika comes with a matching and heavy wide-bottomed glass base that makes it super stable on any table-top. The shaft features 4 different wood stain options that are a unique combination of a woodgrain and resin and comes with matching accessories. Included are a premium washable hose with matching finish on the handle, a one-of-a-kind matching mouth tip, and an unglazed clay bowl to sit atop.

BYO Chika Specs


18 1/2 inches


Stainless steel w/ wood exterior, 4 color options.


Washable hookah hose, matching handle


Unglazed Clay bowl

Vase Colors:

Black, Blue, Red, White.