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BYO HD Charcoal Burner

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HD Coal Heater - BYO

BYO HD Hookah Charcoal Burner

Is it any surprise given their output of incredible hookahs over the last few years that BYO has stepped into the burner market? I don't think so. I know that charcoal burners are not a fancy or exciting item typically but this new HD (Heavy Duty!) burner by BYO is pretty sweet.

Design and Features

The HD is of course quite a bit larger than your average burner and can light up to 20 pieces of natural coal all at once. That is HUGE if you're running a lounge or catering operation and need to prep several hookahs quickly. The HD has a grill that holds the charcoal slightly above the actual burner coils which will give them a bit more heat than if they were sitting directly on and also preserve the life of your burner. Last but not least, the HD burner comes with a pair it's own tongs. Now this may not seem like any sort of bonus but the tongs double as a handle for the burner! I'm not kidding, this thing is awesome as far as coal burners go. If you're running a lounge and want to cut down on the number of single coil burners you have plugged in around your prep room, this will save you some major space and time! This coal burner is designed to be a workhorse, but even steel has its limits. Rapid heating and cooling can warp the coal tray over the elements. Though it may not sit flat or may wobble over the element, the burner will remain functional.