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BYO Silicone Hookah Hose

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Black Silicone Hose - Amira & BYO
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Rose Gold Silicone Hose - Amira & BYO

BYO Silicone Hoses

BYO have entered the world of silicone hookah hoses and boy are these nice quality. Deep, bold colors really accent the build quality of each model. Outside of the standard aluminum handles there's also the option of a "wand" style handle as well as one with a wood handle. Wood handle on a silicone hose? Yes, please. Of course these are fully washable too so they're great not only for a season hookah lover to purchase but for use in lounges and catering operations.

Why Use Silicone Hoses in Hookah Bars?

Silicone hoses are ideal for any sort of lounge or catering use. They're light weight and very flexible, have solid handles, and are a breeze to wash which is wonderful for preventing flavors sticking around in them. This means that not only can you efficiently clean them and get them ready for a new session but you're customers will also enjoy the fact that they're smoking full-bodied flavors without anything lingering from the previous flavor that was smoke through the hose.

Mouthtips for Amira Silicone Hoses

The best fitting mouth tips for these hoses are the Medium Jumbo (100 per bag),or the Jumbo Tips (50 per bag). They are wider to fit the hose tip and also give you a less restricted draw. We love it!

Yes, you should also carry these in your retail store.

Don't tell me you were going to question that! These are perfect for your retail shop to. At the price point they're a little cheaper than many of the other silicone hoses on the market and offer unbeatable quality. In short, they cost you less, they look awesome, smoke awesome, and therefore sell much easier.

Amira Silicone Hose Features

The Amira Silicone hoses are made out of high quality, medical grade silicone and measure about 72 inches long. They are light weight and flexible making them super easy to use. You can pick from a regular aluminum handle, a wand style handle, and also a wooden handle. Whatever style you're going for, Amira has you covered here.

Length: 72 Inches Hose Material: Surgical Grade Silicone Handle Material: Anondized Aluminum, Wand, or Wooden Washable: Yes Recommended Mouth Tip: Jumbo Tips or Medium Jumbo Tips