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BYO Silicone Ribbed Hose

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Ribbed Black Silicone Hose - Amira & BYO

BYO Silicone Ribbed Hookah Hose

I'm a little perplexed that this is something new but thank you BYO, for finally creating a silicone hose with a ribbed handle! Sure, there are silicone hoses with some sort of texture for grip, BYO even has a foam grip variant, but this is awesome. Why do you need this? Well, in a lounge setting silicone hoses are the gold standard because they're easy to clean and fast to prep. This means less wasted time and a much better experience for your customers. That said, these are wonderful to have in your smoke shop as well; hoses are one of the most common accessory upgrades that hookah smokers purchase.

Silicone Ribbed Design

As you've come to expect from such a high quality brand, BYO uses medical grade silicone here and then the tip and handle are both made out of a high quality aluminum. The aluminum allows the hose to stand up to use but also be more light weight than some of the stainless steel variants on the market. These are a breeze to clean and the ribbed design of the long handle makes gripping this hose a pleasure. There's less chance of this slipping away and dragging a hookah off the table.

BYO Silicone Ribbed hose Specs:

Length: 72 inches
Handle Size: 13 Inches, ribbed
Colors: Black