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BYO Sophia Hookah

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Black (23" Medium) Sophia Hookah - Amira & BYO
Blue (23" Medium) Sophia Hookah - Amira & BYO
Red (23" Medium) Sophia Hookah - Amira & BYO
White (23" Medium) Sophia Hookah - Amira & BYO

BYO Sophia Hookah

Oh boy is the Sophia one beautiful hookah! Available in four different colors with an awesome resin-wood exterior, the Sophia is an instant classic. Top notch quality abounds with the premium materials used, unique finishes, and Amira and BYO's infamous "click technology."

BYO Sophia Design

The Sophia just oozes "cool." The interior of the shaft and down stem are made out of aerospace grade aluminum to help prevent rust and corrosion for years but the real gem is the resin-wood exterior. These finishes are really a sight to behold and the accompanying washable silicone hose will also feature a matching resin-wood handle! The shaft locks into the base with their famous "click technology" so there's no need to fumble with base grommets to get a good seal. The Sophia features super wide and flat-bottomed base with a design shape that is very interesting compared to traditional hookah bases.

The clay bowl included with the Pharoah's Oasis is an unglazed Egyptian "Hybrid" bowl. The shape and style are similar to other Egyptian bowls, but the holes are not located at the bottom. In order to save the flavor-rich shisha juices, the air holes are located up the sides of the bowl. This unique combines the ease of use of the Egyptian style hookah bowl, with the extra flavor and bigger clouds associated with a phunnel or vortex bowl.

BYO Sophia Specs:


22 inches


Stainless steel w/ resin wood exterior


Silicone w/ resin-wood handle


Unglazed Clay bowlVase


Black, Blue, Red, White