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BYO Vantage Hookah

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Black (24" Large) Vantage Hookah - Amira & BYO
Blue (24" Large) Vantage Hookah - Amira & BYO
Purple (24" Large) Vantage Hookah - Amira & BYO
Rose Gold (24" Large) Vantage Hookah - Amira & BYO
Red (24" Large) Vantage Hookah - Amira & BYO

BYO Vantage Hookah

The BYO Vantage is another solid offering that features many of the innovative and high-end features that they've come to be known for. The Vantage stands 24 inches tall and currently comes in 6 colors (additional images coming soon). BYO hookahs are very hot on the retail market these days and this hookah will be no exception. Now let's go over some of the features.

BYO Vantage Design

The Vantage is constructed out of stainless steel with a aerospace grade aluminum exterior and rounded out with a high quality color finish that really makes things pop. These feature Amira/BYO's super popular click-technology meaning that the base/stem will lock together and you don't have to fool around with a base grommet. A unique 8-hole purge system means that you more efficiently purge smoke around the entirety of the hub. Each Vantage includes a heavy glass base with color infused into the bottom, a high quality phunnel bowl and medical-grade silicone washable hose. As a bonus, each hookah comes with a color-matched personal mouth tip!

BYO Vantage Specs


24 inches


Stainless steel w/ aluminum exterior, 6 color options.


Washable silicone hose, matching handle


Funnel bowl

Vase Colors:

Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Rose Gold