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BYO Vdara Hookah

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Black (24" Large) Vdara Hookah - BYO
White (24" Large) Vdara Hookah - BYO
Blue (24" Large) Vdara Hookah - BYO

BYO Vdara Hookah

The 19" BYO Vdara hookah features a stained wooden exterior (available in a variety of different finishes) as well as a matching washable silicone hose that adds a sense of class to any smoke session. The threaded stem and base connections allow for a perfect connection every time while the heavy-duty aluminum tray provides the perfect place to ash your coals. The modern design coupled with the beauty of natural grain wood is sure to turn heads the moment you fire it up.

Vdara Design

In addition to the finished wood on the exterior of the shaft, the BYO Vdara features aerospace-grade aluminum hardware on the outside along with a high-quality stainless steel downstem that runs inside the stem. Its wide-gauge downstem makes each pull easy and the built-in diffuser reduces the "rumble" you would normally expect when smoking. The glass base features a crystal-inspired design and easily attaches to the stem with a simple twist.

The Vdara comes with a couple of top-notch accessories as well! The washable silicone hose with matching wood handle provides clean flavor and can be rinsed with warm water to keep every session fresh. The unglazed, Egyptian-style ceramic bowl that sits on top is easy to prepare and easy to manage, making it a solid choice for a variety of shisha tobacco brands. In addition to the bowl and hose, the Vdara will come included with a set of hookah tongs.

BYO Vdara Specs:

Height: 19 inches

Hose: Washable silicone with matching wood handle

Bowl: Egyptian-style, unglazed ceramic

Color options: Black, Blue, and White