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Charco Flare Hookah Charcoals - Lotus Cut

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-Case of 15 - 108 Piece Box Flat
-Case of 15 Boxes - Charco Flare 112pc
108 Piece Box Flats - Charco Flare
10kg Lounge Pack Flat - Charco Flare
112 Piece Box - Charco Flare Lotus Cut
-Case of 15 - 72 Piece Box
-Case of 9 - 144 Piece Box
144 Piece Box Cubes - Charco Flare
15kg Lounge Pack Cubes - Charco Flare
54 Piece Box - XL Cube - Charco Flare
72 Piece Box Cubes - Charco Flare
Case of 10 - 54 Piece Box - XL Cube

Charco Flare Coals Designed for Heat Management

Charco Flare Lotus Cut, is premium coconut hookah charcoals made specifically for smoking with the Kaloud Lotus and other heat management devices, but have the odorless heat and longevity that make them great with any hookah set up. By using a round disc briqutte that is cut into 4 wedges, Charco Flare coals fit perfectly around the hookah bowl. The result is an unparalleled heat distribution, so you bowl smokes evenly all through the session. When using a Kaloud lotus, you can easily fit up to 4 pieces inside and still fit the lid over the top. This set up is best for a hot session with thick smoke and high nicotine output, but we also like to use 3 coals for a smoother session for someone who has not developed the iron lung of a serious hookah pro!

Jumbo Cubes of Charcoflare are XL

After being the first company to produce coals specifically for use inside an HMD (heat management device) the fan base of Charcoflare took off. After getting feedback from the hookah industry enthusiasts, Charcoflare released their latest creation, XL cubes that come 54 pieces per box. They are massive coals for people who don't want to get up for coal refills and enjoy a bowl with long lasting heat.