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33% OFF Bling Hookah Cleaning Solution

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WS-BTO-Cleaning Supply
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Bling Hookah Cleaning Solution

Bling Cleaning Solution for Glass and Hookah Stems

One of the best-selling cleaning solutions specifically made for cleaning the build-up on hookah bases and the residue inside the hookah stem. This powerful cleaner includes abrasive crystals to help scrub any glass and metal surface until it blings! Over time, hookahs can get a little funky and affect the flavor of your shisha. We call it "generic hookah lounge flavor" when visiting a lounge and within 20 minutes, the bowl just kinda tastes like a muddled mix of everything ever smoked through that rig....bleehhhhh.

If you want to keep your hookahs absolutely crystal clear, clean, and smelling fresh, then Bling is an excellent option. Bling uses citrus oils and other solvents as well as salt crystals to remove any cloudy gunk from the glass or any shisha juice and smoke residue from the stems.

Follow the directions on the bottle, give the hookah parts a few extra scrubs with a brush, and rinse thoroughly. Your hookahs will sparkle and be fresher than ever.