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Coco Brico Natural Hookah Coals

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Grouped product items
- Case of 12 Boxes (72 pc/box) Coco Brico Cubes
-Case of 12 boxes (108 pc./box) - Flat Coco Brico
-Case of 12 Boxes (72 pc/box) -LotusCut Coco Brico
-Case of 16 Boxes (64 pc/box) - Big Cube Coco Brico
-Case of 24 boxes (45 pc./box) - Flat Coco Brico
-Case of 60 boxes (16 pc./box) - Flat Coco Brico Co
10 KG Box - Cube Coco Brico Coals
10 KG Box - Flat Coco Brico Coals
108-piece box - Flat Coco Brico Coals
16 piece box - Flat Coco Brico Coals
3 KG Box - Cube Coco Brico Coals
45 piece box - Flat Coco Brico Coals
64 piece box - Big Cube Coco Brico Coals
72 piece box - Lotus Cut Coco Brico Coals

Coco Brico is Now Our Best Selling Hookah Coal

Coco Brico hookah charcoals are designed for customers and more ideally, hookah lounge owners who want a clean, pure heat without paying astronomical prices for coconut based coals. After years of requests and international negotiations, we finally have the rights to import Coco Brico. Hookah lounges and retailers will be impressed by their quality and the demand these coals have among experienced hookah fanatics. Of all the hookah charcoals in our warehouse, the only brand that we are smoking in the office right now is Coco Brico...and we can use whatever we want. (That's 3-5 bowls per day, just in our sales office.) Coco Brico Flat & Cube Coals Coco Brico coals will burn for about 45 minutes to 1 hour and are available as either a rectangular (flat) shape (more like 45 minutes) or a traditional cube shape (the cubes cane easily push an hour). Cubes are larger and last longer than the flats, which some customer really appreciate. Who wants to get up and light a second round of coals half-way through a session?All Coco Brico sizes (except 10kg) are available as master cases or you can buy individual boxes. The 10kg box contains 10 plastic wrapped kilos without the individual cardboard boxes. Retailers generally carry multiple sizes of Coco Brico to match up with price points that move the most product. The 16 pc. package is a small under $5 retail item (with a 75% margin) that hookah smokers pick up when on a budget or just trying them out. They are also very cheap to include with all your hookah sales a "Freebie" to help sell more complete hookahs. The 45 and 108 piece boxes are for hookah smokers that smoke on a regular basis and would rather buy a larger quantity for the better value. The 16, 45 and 108 count boxes are only availble as "flats." The Cube coals come 72 per box, which is the same weight and size of the 108, but since they are much larger than flat Coco Brico, you get few, longer lasting pieces.

Why buy Coco Brico Coals in Bulk?

Because it saves money of course. But how much does it save? Let's look at the numbers. When you buy a case of coals in any size, instead of the single boxes, you will save between 7-14% on each box of coal. If you are a hookah lounge, this is a no brainer!