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Coco Buzz Coals - All Sizes and Cases

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-Case of 18 Coco Buzz Coals- 108 piece box
1Kg- Coco Buzz
72 Piece Box - Coco Buzz 2.0 Coals
72 Piece Box - Coco Buzz 3.0 Coals
Case of 18 Coco Buzz 2.0 Coals- 72 pc. box

Coco Buzz Coconut Charcoals from Starbuzz

Coco Buzz is a natural coconut shell based hookah charcoal that comes in 2 sizes of briquettes. With recently revamped and updated packageing, its easy to tell these coals apart. The 108 piece 1kg box comes in bright orange box. Then newer version "CocoBuzz 2.0" coals which are large cubes come in a 1kg 72-piece box with an updated Green design. Coco Buzz coals are all natural coconut based hookah charcoals that have very little ash, a clean taste, and long burning times. The brand new CocoBuzz 3.0 expand on the 2.0 to make Starbuzz's largest natural style coconut charcoal! The 3.0 are considered "BIG" cubes and due to that will burn hotter and longer then normal flat/cube style coals. Each boxes is 1kg and contains 64 pieces. Save a little money when you purchase by the case.

Which Coco Buzz Coals Should I Get, Flats or Cubes?

If you're looking for an extra long session, the 3.0 Big Cubes or 2.0 Cubes are a good option. They will last approximately an hour with good heat and are the top choice of most hookah lounges, because it eliminates the need for hookah charcoal refills. Yet, other smokers prefer the smaller size of the "Flats" because the heat is less concentrated and allows for more fine tuning of the heat management for those enjoy tinkering with a bowl for optimal performance. If you have any questions about which Coco Buzz hookah coals are right for you, please let us know. We have hookah experts ready to help you 7 days a week! Check out the size comparison of Coco Buzz 2.0 vs. Regular Coco Buzz coals.

Coco Buzz in an HMD (Heat Management Device)

You might be using an HMD, such as the Starbuzz Narhead or Kaloud Lotus, to help extend the life of your session and enjoy more flavor with thicker clouds. Coco Buzz charcoals will work great in an HMD, so sit back, throw a few coals on the burner and lets enjoy the clean, long lasting heat from these high quality hookah coals....brought to you by the makers of Starbuzz Hookah Tobacco.