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D-Hose 2.0 Hookah Hose Hybrid

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Black Red Dream Hose 2 - Dhose
Blue Black Dream Hose 2 - Dhose
Red Black Dream Hose 2 - Dhose
Silver Black Dream Hose 2 - Dhose
Black Black Dream Hose 2 - Dhose
Gold Black Dream Hose 2 - Dhose

What's New the D-Hose 2.0 Hybrid?

The Dream Hose 2.0 Hyrbrid edition takes the high standard of the Dream Hose to an all new high! The D-hose 2.0 combines a 60 inch silicon hose with a 12 inch aluminum handle. What you get is a 100% washable beast of a hose with unparalleled air flow and high quality finish. The Aluminum hand has been upgraded to include a center grip zone with embedded smooth finish silicon wrap and has an upgraded design from the slim and plain finish of the original D-hose.

D-Hose 2.0 Hybrid Features:

Anodized aluminum handle with silicon grip

72 inches of total length

Dishwasher safe

Available Colors:

Silver, Blue, Red, Black