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Echo Studio

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Echo Studio Hookah

The Echo Studio hookah stands at a fully assembled height of 16 inches tall and features a simple, yet modern, design available in a variety of bold colors. The anodized aluminum body and stainless steel downstem will provide your customers with a pleasant smoking experience that will have them coming back for more. Its moderate height makes it perfect for countertops and tabletops where it can sit to show off its quality design.

Echo Studio Accessories

The Echo Studio hookah includes a washable, foam-handled plastic hose, an unglazed Egyptian hybrid bowl, a color-matched glass base, tongs, and all the grommets needed to get an airtight seal at every connection point. That means you're getting complete and ready to be smoked (or sold) hookah setup right out of the box - no extra accessories required! The hose is entirely washable and can be kept clean using hot water and/or lemon juice. Just give it a rinse and hang it up to dry. 

Echo Studio Specs:

Height: 16 inches

Stem: Stainless steel downstem w/ aluminum exterior, built-in diffuser

Base: Click in connection

Hose: Washable plastic, foam handle

Bowl: Unglazed Egyptian hybrid bowl