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Ferris Hookah Bowl

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The Ferris Hookah Bowl

Straight from the folks at Hookah John comes an awesome new hookah bowl to introduce to your customers - the Ferris Bowl. This hookah bowl holds 30-35 grams of shisha tobacco, depending on the cut of the tobacco and the packing method you use with it. Don't be fooled by any potential knock-offs, each Ferris Bowl comes with the Hookah John stamp on the stem of the bowl so you know it's authentic.

Perfect Fit

The Ferris Bowl works perfectly with just tin foil, if that's your preference. But notice the ridge just inside the bowl - this bowl was designed to perfectly fit a Kaloud Lotus heat management bowl. This is the first clay bowl designed specifically to work with the Lotus! Pack the shisha in just up to the ridge, and the Lotus bowl will fit right in the bowl. No more fear of having your Lotus bowl slide off the hookah bowl, the ridge holds it solidly in place

Prime Performance

The airflow with the Ferris Bowl is amazing thanks to the central spire (comparable to the Harmony Bowl). This central spire also serves the dual purpose of retaining shisha juices in the bowl, this means that you won't have to worry about the juices leaking onto your hookah and making an awful mess. Furthermore, the retention of the juices means they will continually soak your shisha tobacco throughout the smoke session, improving the longevity to both the flavor and the duration of the session.

**The Ferris Hookah Bowl measures approximately 4.375" tall, 3.375" wide (inner bowl is 2.5" wide), and is made by artisans with clay right here in the United States.