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Foam Grip BYO Hookah Hoses

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Black -Black BYO Foam Grip Hose
Black -Blue BYO Foam Grip Hos
Black -Purple BYO Foam Grip Hose
Black -Red BYO Foam Grip Hose
Black -Rose Gold BYO Foam Grip Hose
Long Black -Black BYO Foam Grip Hose
Long Blue -Black BYO Foam Grip Hose
Long Red -Black BYO Foam Grip Hose
Long White -Black BYO Foam Grip Hose

BYO Foam Grip Hookah Hoses

The new BYO hose fills a cozy little niche in the pantheon of hookah hoses. This is a full length hookah hose that fits virtually all hookahs. It combines the light weight and flexibility of less expensive hoses, with a foam padded grip you might find on a premium hookah accessory. This hose is nimble and easy to grip, so its comfortable to use for long sessions without "Hose Hand Fatigue." The light weight makes this hose extremely versatile. It will work great on smaller hookahs, because its so light, it won't cause the hookah to flip over by mistake. However, you still get a full length hose! You can lounge and lay back like the great Ottoman Sultans and enjoy your session, without worrying about spills and coal burns. This hose has a plastic interior lining, making it fully washable and easy to clean. Cleaning your hose between sessions will enhance the flavor of your bowl by eliminating the lingering flavor "ghosting" of your previous session. This mundane task of hookah hose maintenance has gone from a chore to a quick and easy task you can do while the coals heat up. Bam! Pure shisha flavor headed your way!

BYO Foam Grip Hose Specifications

Length:72 inches Handle Size: Standard - 10 inches, Long - 14 inches. Colors: Red, Blue, Purple, Black and Rose Gold