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Fumari Hookah Mat

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Fumari Hookah Mat - Fumari

Fumari Hookah Mat

Sometimes the most simple creations make a world of difference. Take for instance the wheel, or a bowl, or perhaps; The Fumari Hookah Mat. Made out of medical grade silicone, this hookah mat is 2.5mm thick and can actual perform a load of different functions. It works great as a prepping mat. Load up some bowls and wipe clean for your actual session. Does your hookah have a handmade base that has a little bit of a wobble to it, this thing will help fix that problem. Is your hookah smoking surface typically a slick coffee table? Slap a mat down and enjoy your hookah without worrying that it's going to slide all over the table or tip over. And last but not least, this is an easy and effective way to help prevent cracks or chips in your base caused by setting it down a little rough on harder surfaces. That means the Fumari Hookah Mat can save you money in the long run by helping protect your goods.

  • Made out of medical grade silicon for easy cleaning.
  • Perfect bowl-loading station.
  • Creates grip on a slick table top.
  • Prevents cracks and chips.
  • Provides stability for a wobbly glass base.

Fumari Hookah Mat Specs:

  • 12" by 12"
  • 2.5mm thick medical grade silicone.