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Galaxy Silicone Hookah Hoses

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The Galaxy Silicone Hose

Hoses are such an important part of the hookah smoking experience. Silicone hookah hoses are the most popular on the market today and pretty much an industry standard, especially when it comes to a quality hookah lounge experience. These Galaxy hoses are made out of quality silicone with a stainless handle making for a nice experience for everyone involved. Wash these with ease to prevent flavor ghosting and get them prepped for a new session. 

What's up with that spring thing?

The Galaxy hose includes a heel spring with every hose (you'll notice this in one of the pictures above). What does it do and how do I use it? It's easy, and we're glad you asked. The spring slides over the hose tubing all the way down to the heel (the part that plugs into the hookah). The spring gives the silicone tubing support and prevents kinking due the hoses weight from its durable yet flexible silicone material.

Why Use Silicone Hoses in Hookah Bars?

Silicone hoses such as these Galaxy hoses are perfect for lounge use. They're light weight and very flexible, have solid handles, and are a breeze to wash which is wonderful for preventing flavors sticking around in them. This allows your customers to experience a full-flavored and excellent session every time they come in. The Galaxy is made out of medical grade silicone and stainless steel so you won't have to worry about these getting scratched up or falling apart on you in a few months.

Mouthtips for Galaxy Hoses

The best fitting mouth tips for Galaxy hoses are the Medium Jumbo (100 per bag),or the Jumbo Tips (50 per bag). They are wider to fit the hose tip and also give you a less restricted draw. We love it!

Yes, you should also carry these in your retail store.

Were you seriously going to ask that? The Galaxy is one of the most affordable silicone hoses on the market and everything that makes it great for use in a lounge would certainly carry over to home use. Your customers will love that the Galaxy is washable, flexible, and such a solid hose.

Galaxy Silicone Hose Specs:

Length: 72 Inches Hose Material: Surgical Grade Silicone Handle Material: Anondized Aluminum Washable: Yes Recommended Mouth Tip: Jumbo Tips or Medium Jumbo Tips