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50% OFF Gambit Hookah Bowls

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Black Gambit - Bowl - Shisha House
Black Grooved - Gambit Bowl - Shisha House
Blue - Gambit Bowl - Shisha House
Blue Grooved - Gambit Bowl - Shisha House
Red - Gambit Bowl - Shisha House

Gambit Phunnel Hookah Bowls

These brand new Gambit hookah bowls come with a standard or "grooved" option. Design is similar to that of an 80 Feet 80 or Ferris hookah bowl, only a little shorter and wider. So what does that mean? The bowl has a circular trench around the peremeter to hold the tobacco with a central opening. The elevated opening in the middle traps the shisha juices and flavors in the bowl, for longer lasting flavor and bigger clouds. As an extra benefit, the shisha juices stay in the bowl and keep your hookah and base water cleaner, which hookah bar operators love!

The Gambit will hold 15-20g of shisha so you should have no problem getting a over an hour long session. This makes it a great choice for hookah lounges as well as a premium bowl for retailers that hookah enthusiasts are looking for. The best part is the price! You get all the high end features without the Bentley price tag.

How the Gambit Bowl Got It's Groove Back

The Gambit Grooved is and upgraded version of the Gambit bowl with and enhanced central spire. Extra air flow notches are molded into the central air flow hole. This allows more air to travel through the shisha at a lower level in the trench, while still keeping the flavor trapped and your hookah clean!