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Golden Desert Ada Hookah

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Golden Desert Ada Hookah

The Golden Desert Ada hookah is a modern and stylish compact hookah that stands 17 inches tall. Premium quality build and materials work well with sleek, clean lines and a unique wide-bottomed base. Looking for something solid in the under twenty inch range? You'll be hard pressed to find something better than the Ada.

Ada Design:

The Ada is made out of aerospace grade aluminum on the exterior with a stainless steel down stem. Each hookah shaft has a beautiful matte finish that is accompanied by a matching wide-bottomed base. Hookahs in this size class are always going to be a bit more stable on the surface than a big 3 ft tall hookah but the wide-bottomed base makes the Ada excel in this area. Reach hookah comes with a traditional unglazed clay bowl as well as a matching washable silicone hose.

Ada Hookah Specs:


17 inches


Aerospace grade aluminum, matte finish


Unglazed clay


Washable silicone


Heavy glass, wide bottom.