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25% OFF Golden Desert Eclipse Hookah

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Silver (23" Medium) Eclipse Hookah - Golden Desert

1 Silver Eclipse Hookah left!!!!

Selling below cost to close out the color. We will not have the silver option after this one sells!

Golden Desert Eclipse Hookah

The Eclipse hookah by Golden Desert is definitely one of the more interesting designs that they've offered up of late! The shaft features a cool ribbed bulb that almost gives the impression of an... Eclipse. I'll be here all night, folks. Futuristic and astrological looks aside, this is a solid hookah with plenty of premium features.

Eclipse Design:

The Eclipse shaft is made out of stainless steel with a matte finish making that slatted area mentioned above even all the more appealing to the naked eye. Each beaker style base is made out of heavy glass and features a bottom that is stained to match the shaft and components of the hookah. The Eclipse is also threaded mean that the base/shaft screw together for an effortless seal each time you're ready to smoke. These are outfitted with an unglazed clay bowl and a medical grade, washable silicone hose to match.

Eclipse Hookah Specs:


23 inches


Stainless steel, slatted bulb, matte finish


Heavy glass, wide bottom


Unglazed clay


Washable silicone