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Golden Desert Moza Hookah

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Golden Desert Moza Hookah

The 27" inch Moza hookah by Golden Desert is one of their most elegant offerings and sure to be the talk of any lounge or shop that makes the wise decision of carrying it. With three colors options woven into a stellar wood grain finish that sits atop a rounded diamond-etched base, the Moza is a hookah that far out-classes many of it's counter parts that you'll find in this price range.

Moza Design:

I mean... would you just look at it? The down stem is of course stainless steel but the exterior is a maze of sophisticated wood grain and bold tasteful color. Thank you too our wonderful in-house photographer for really capturing the beauty in the detailed pictures! The Moza shaft screws into the super heavy diamond style base so you've got a quick set up, no messing with rubber grommets at that connection. Up top we have a premium stainless steel tray with a nice shiny gloss and then to round things out Golden Desert as supplied a medical grade, washable, matching silicone hose.

Moza Hookah Specs:


27 inches


Stainless steel interior with beautiful wood grain exterior


Unglazed clay


Washable silicone