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Golden Desert Pacifica Hookah

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Golden Desert Pacifica Hookah

What we have here is a sensational table-top hookah in the 22 inch Golden Desert Pacifica. These are about the most ideal size you can find; large enough to feel substantial on a table top and just small enough to easily pack up and tote to your favorite smoking spots. The Pacifica is made out of premium materials and and sure to provide high quality sessions time and time again for your customers.

Pacifica Design:

The Pacfifica features a pretty intricate shaft design. The interior down stem is of course stainless steel and then there is an overlay of stainless steel that features a beautiful matte finish to add quite a bit of depth. The base features a wide bottom and a splash of matching color in the bottom. A built-in diffuser makes for large, effortless draws and huge clouds and pairs perfectly with the medical grade, washable silicone hose that is included.

Pacifica Hookah Specs:


22 inches


Stainless steel interior with beautiful finished exterior


Unglazed clay


Washable silicone


Heavy glass, wide-bottomed.