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Haze 250G Shisha Tobacco

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Grouped product items
Apple Krush (250G) Tub - Haze
Beat The Heat (250G) Tub - Haze
Bof (250G) Tub - Haze
Carnival Nights (250G) Tub - Haze
Chaitastic (250G) Tub - Haze
Colada (250G) Tub - Haze
Cucumberita (250G) Tub - Haze
Double Bubble (250G) Tub - Haze
Five Cents A Cup (250G) Tub - Haze
Iced Cucumberita (250G) Tub - Haze
Icy Tango (250G) Tub - Haze
Intensity (250G) Tub - Haze
Lavish Lavender (250G) Tub - Haze
Limeitup (250G) Tub - Haze
Majestic Bru (250G) Tub - Haze
Mint Supreme (250G) Tub - Haze
Nice Dreams (250G) Tub - Haze
Omg (250G) Tub - Haze
Pacoca (250G) Tub - Haze
Panty Droppa (250G) Tub - Haze
Passion (250G) Tub - Haze
Peach Cooler (250G) Tub - Haze
Pumpkin Pleasure (250G) Tub - Haze
Purple Krush (250G) Tub - Haze
Quack Quack (250G) Tub - Haze
Sister Mary Elephant (250G) Tub - Haze
Subzero (250G) Tub - Haze
Suga Mint (250G) Tub - Haze
Trash Can Punch (250G) Tub - Haze
Whooo Weee (250G) Tub - Haze
Bananarama (250G) Tub - Haze
Blazen Blue (250G) Tub - Haze
Blueberry (250G) Tub - Haze
Candy Apple Love (250G) Tub - Haze
Candylicious (250G) Tub - Haze
Chocolate Ice (250G) Tub - Haze
Coco Roast (250G) Tub - Haze
Cotton Clouds (250G) Tub - Haze
Eves Temptation (250G) Tub - Haze
Frozen Lakes (250G) Tub - Haze
Guava (250G) Tub - Haze
Hardcore (250G) Tub - Haze
Hazel Eyez (250G) Tub - Haze
Hey Man (250G) Tub - Haze
Le Mint (250G) Tub - Haze
Lite It Up (250G) Tub - Haze
Melon Blast (250G) Tub - Haze
Mint (250G) Tub - Haze
Mint Fiesta (250G) Tub - Haze
Mint Lemonade (250G) Tub - Haze
Oh Boy Explosion (250G) Tub - Haze
Ohhchata (250G) Tub - Haze
Orange Swirl (250G) Tub - Haze
Peachella (250G) Tub - Haze
Peardrops (250G) Tub - Haze
Pearlicious (250G) Tub - Haze
Pineapple (250G) Tub - Haze
Pineapple Krush (250G) Tub - Haze
Seduction (250G) Tub - Haze
Sinful Mint (250G) Tub - Haze
Skills On The Rocks (250G) Tub - Haze
Still Smokin (250G) Tub - Haze
Twice The Apple (250G) Tub - Haze
Ultimint (250G) Tub - Haze
What A Mint (250G) Tub - Haze
Yummy Madness (250G) Tub - Haze

Haze Shisha Tobacco in 250g Tins

The shisha of choice among many hookah champions. Haze got it's start with wild flavor names that we just couldn't resist. As they have grown in popularity, they branched out into new flavors that are sweet, some spicy and some fruity or minty.

Haze Shisha Tobacco Flavors:

B.O.F. - Bunch of Fruit flavors mixed with an icy mint.

Bananrama - Banana bread pudding.

Beat the Heat - Cherry limeade

Blazen Blue - Cool mint berry. Blueberry Candy Apple

Carnival Nights - Mint with cardamon.

Cotton Clouds - Creamy cotton candy.

Cucumberita - Refreshing cucumber and margarita mix.

Double Bubble - Classic bubble gum flavor.

Five Cents a Cup - Pink lemonade

Hardcore - Burst of sweet fruit.

Hey Man - Mango tamarindo with a hint of chili.

Lavish Lavender - Lavender with a hint of citrus.

Lite it Up - Banana cinnamon smoothie.

Melon Blast

MintNice Dreams - Berry margarita flavor.

OMG - Burst of berry flavors.

Peach Cooler - Peach with a cool mint finish.

PineapplePumpkin Pleasure - Delicious pumpkin pie.

Seduction - Mixture of citrus fruits.

Sinfulmint - Cinnamon with mint.

Skills On the Rocks - Tropical beach cocktail.

Subzero - Refreshing mint flavor.

Ultimint - Very strong mint.

What-a-mint - Icy peppermint cream.