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HL Bowl

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Black - Ultimate Combo Bowl - Shisha House
Blue - Ultimate Combo Bowl - Shisha House
Red - Ultimate Combo Bowl

Hookah Bowl, Screen and Lid Combo

All-in-one bowl that is great investment for any hookah smoker. The Ultimate Combo Bowl is a Mod Bowl that has an attached clamping wind-cover and contains a screen molded to fit perfectly. This grouping enables coals to last longer and helps prevent them from spilling out in the event of a hookah falling over.

Perfect hookah bowl for clubs and catering

We love this bowl for hookah catering and night clubs, because the locking lead is a great safety feature to keep the coals from getting scattered across the floor if the hookah falls over and it just keep people from messing with the coals. The built in wind cover will also extend the life of your coals and trap the heat around your shisha for really thick clouds.

Easy to Use for Beginners

This bowl is very user friendly because it has everything all contained in 1 unit. You don't have to mess with foils and punching holes, because the metal screen is reusable and will hold your coals in place. Simply load the bowl, light the coals, and lock the lid for a quick fool proof session!